[Notice & Recent Work] 3D Art Coloring Book to be Released

Yukari Mishima’s 3D art coloring book will be released in late Aug. 2018 (Japanese ver. only)!

You can find them look popping up from the sheet after coloring and cutting.

Enjoy photo-shooting and getting many likes on your SNS!


飛び出す! 驚き! トリックアート塗り絵 (ブティック・ムック)

Publisher: Boutique-sha Co, LTD
Photo, Design and Edit: STUDIO DUNK

The followings are examples of the 20 artworks included in the book.



[Recent Work] Illustrations for the CSV website of Kirin Co., Ltd.

Created a series of illustrations for the CSV website of Kirin Co., Ltd.


[Recent Work] Illustrations for the children’s novel, “グランパと僕らの宝探し~ドゥリンビルの仲間たち~” authored by Junko Oya.

Created 89 illustrations in total for the children’s novel “グランパと僕らの宝探し~ドゥリンビルの仲間たち~” authored by Junko Oya.


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