[Recent Works] Illustrations for the Panasonic’s Home Renovation Brochure

Created 15 illustrations for brochures of Panasonic’s home renovation business.

(10 of which are attached here)

Exhibited at Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2016

I have exhibited at Bologna Children’s Book Fair together with some other illustrators, from April 4 to 7, 2016.

Bologna Children's Book Fair, April 4-7, 2016

Bologna Children’s Book Fair, April 4-7, 2016

It was a great opportunity for me to market myself to overseas publishers and show my illustrations to the foreign visitors.

I have got a lot of good lessons learned, including some bitter ones, from the book fair. I plan to write some reports on this website with time and care, so that I can make use of the experience for my future business.

(Note: The reports will be posted only in Japanese. I sincerely apologize for non-Japanese-speaking viewers!)


Moved to Saitama

4 days have passed since I moved to Saitama prefecture (very near from Tokyo). 90% of my baggages have been arranged to proper places in the new apartment, and most of necessary procedures, such as reports to the city office and tax office, payment of electriciy, gas, water etc., have been almost finished. (Only the internet has a little problems….)
I will kick my business into gear from next week!

The reason why I moved to Saitama is that the illustrators living in Kanto area (around Tokyo) have some advantages in sales promotion and meeting with publishing companies and/or advertizing companies. I spent quite a lot initial cost for this moving, but I believe there must be a lot of part time jobs to earn living expenses here.
But I actually hope to run my business in my home town, Hiroshima. If I successflly built long-term relationships with some clients, I would go back to Hiroshima someday.

I would like to say hello to the dear friends in Kanto area!

And the dear friends in Hiroshima, please wait for me to come back home.

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