Exhibiting at a “child’s-play-themed” group exhibition

This is to inform you that Yukari MISHIMA will exhibit at a group exhibition under the theme of child’s play.

Asobi Ten (あそび展)

  • Date & Time: August 2-7, 2016
    11:30-19:00   * Close at 17:00 on August 7.
  • Venue: Gallery Pause
    9, Funagawara-machi, Ichigaya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0826 JAPAN

20 creators will exhibit their child’s-play-themed works, such as picture books, puzzles, toys etc.
Please feel free to drop by!
Note: Yukari MISHIMA will not always be in the gallery during the period, as the members look after the exhibition in several shifts.

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